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Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:19 am by Elvilina

Teman - teman KMBVD akan mengadakan MALAM KEAKRABAN:
Tgl 14-17 Agustus 2009 ( 4 hr, 3 mlm )
Di Villa Azelea,Puncak
Acara ad fireworks,BBQ, Api Unggun di tempat yg enak n satu keuntungan bagi yg …

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Malam Kesenian + Charity Night bY KMB Dhammavaddhana..

Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:14 pm by kRistLe

tmenNn2, dtg eN ajak tmen2nyahh yG bnyx yawhHhh k acr Malam ksenian + Charity Night KMBD Binus :
"Express Our Spirit of Dhamma Through Art, Culture, n' Education"
Sabtu 13 Juni 09
17.00 …

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Perayaan Waisak KMB VD

Tue May 19, 2009 9:14 am by Elvilina

Teman - teman KMB VD mengundang untuk menghadiri perayaan waisak yang diadakan oleh KMB VD pada:
Tanggal: Minggu 24 ei '09
Waktu : Pukul 15.00-selesai
Tempat : Vihara Amurva Bhumi
JL. …

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    Break Your Own Limit

    Tin Dewi

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    Nama KMB - Universitas : Viriya Dharma-UAJ
    Fakultas/Jurusan - Angkatan : Psikologi-2005
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    Break Your Own Limit

    Post  Tin Dewi on Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:28 am

    A couple of days ago I went to Bandung to give a training. Cause the schedule started at 1pm, I went from Jakarta at 9.30am. Just when I about the enter the free way, there was a black Lexus car behind me going with high speed. But what I like about the driver of this car is that although he speeds, he willing to move from right lane to left lane and not forcing other people to give way.

    I thought that as I drive alone and so that I don't fall asleep, I'm interested with the way this person drive. I followed him and I follow the way he drove including his speed. When there was no other car, he speed up. Cause I'm following him, without realising, I too speed up.

    When I see my speedometer, its shows that I was running at 160km/hr. After all this time, my highest record of speed was only 140km/hr. I didn't dare to speed more than that. But when there was this car that I was following, I can break my own speed record. Something that I couldn't do without a sparring partner.

    When I stop somewhere, I lost that black nexus car. When I try to speed up again, I can only speed up again to 160km/hr for a little while cause I'm still not used to it. When there was this other car that speed and I followed, I cpuld speed up until 160km/hr again for longer.

    Same with this life, sometimes we thinkn that we're already at our maximum. And that we think we can't do something better. However if we have a sparring partner that is better like a boss, a coach, a mentor or a role mode, whoever it is, we can try to get a better result.

    However if we are not used to it, it might be a little bit hard to stand by our own like when we have a sparring partner. When we used to the speed, than we can stand by our own.

    Robert Kiyosaki said that someone's cashflow can be predicted from the cashflow of his five closest friend. When our closest friend are just doing something that is ordinary, it will be hard for us to do something extraordinary but if we are ordinary and our surroundings are extraordinary, we are pulled to be as extraordinary as they are.

    In Science, it is said that inside human brain, there are cells called Mirror Neuron, it's duty is to mirror what other people is doing. If people around us are extraordinary, 'Mirror Neuron' in our brain will mirror what they are doing and makes us extraordinary and vice versa.

    Who is that black car that you are following so that you can break your own speed record?

    Who is that extraordinary person that you have to follow so that you can break your own limit that you set yourself in your life?

    Find those people, follow and learn from them of how they see them self, their confidence and values that they hold, how they build their capability, and how they act. Then, you can break your own limit that has been pulling you down all this time.

      Waktu sekarang Mon May 21, 2018 9:51 am